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Gaelan “G” Adams is what most call an "ubergeek". He's been a technologist since age five and his first website visit to (It looked a lot different back then!) Known as "Captain Intern" in the Drupal community (trying to go for just “Captain”). He possesses a passion for education; he enjoys teaching, training and helping others with their Drupal needs. To complement his educational career of obtaining a B.S. in Information Technology from the University of Central Florida, he's taken to Drupal like a duck takes to water. His first encounter with Drupal was intimidating (as he feels everyone’s first time is) but with the help of Ryan Price on a warm, sunny Saturday, he really took a liking to Drupal and has been developing websites with it ever since.
For the past seven years, he's been working for small- and medium-sized businesses in Central Florida. Planning, building and implementing all forms of technology systems from desktops & laptops to servers & sans, he's had a chance to build it, break it and fix it. Gaelan started WCL Technologies in 2010, specializing in Web hosting for Drupal, network services and Drupal development. Always aware of security and its needs, he builds everything with that in mind. (Even Drupal websites!)

He has a passion for computer security and mathematics. You can check out his business website and homepage in the links below.

Fun Facts
• Some say if you type in your browser, you can read his thoughts in unicode.
• He has an encryption system that often brings the NSA supercomputers to their knees.
• He is the reason why MySpace put the logo "Check the URL" before you log in.

Winter Park, FL


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  • Twitter Captain_Intern tweeted "gaelanadams: Did you know tweetdeck inverts colours if you hold down windows (apple key) and tap N?" 10:52am #

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  • Twitter Captain_Intern tweeted "gaelanadams: @vsync 15? K. I'll be there around 14-14:30 then." 1:10pm #
  • Twitter Captain_Intern tweeted "gaelanadams: @JasminNOe May? It's Great and alright. A lot of things I want to stream I have to upgrade for the DVD account. $9 vs $7/mo streaming" 12:32pm #
  • Twitter Captain_Intern tweeted "gaelanadams: @vsync After lunchtime. Probably 1:30ish. I'm going to be smart and eat at home." 12:15pm #
  • Twitter Captain_Intern tweeted "gaelanadams: @vsync @richddean Possibly. Let me dig through my todo's to see if I can facilitate being mobile." 11:17am #