Florida DrupalCamp 2011 T-Shirt

Captain Intern in t-shirtWhat an amazing opportunity! Right now, you can order a limited-edition, one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-produced-again Florida DrupalCamp 2011 t-shirt. These are the very same shirts worn by volunteers (red) and attendees (blue) at the largest Drupal event Florida has ever seen (to date)! Just take a look at our very own Captain Intern modeling the shirt just for you. Granted, you probably won't look half as good as Captain Intern, but keep in mind that he is on a strict vitamin regiment to keep himself looking much younger than his 84 years.

How much are we asking for these t-shirts? You're not going to believe it once you find out. But first, have I mentioned that they're 100% cotton? In fact, the cotton was grown in a specially modified greenhouse that was robotically controlled by a Drupal 7 web site and harvested by a clowder of kittens. These kittens are only alive because Florida Drupal module developers refuse to hack core.

You're ready to order, aren't you? Hang on one second, you haven't heard the best of it yet - each t-shirt was silk-screened on both the front and back in full-technicolor glory using colors generated by Drupal's core color module. Furthermore, these colors have been trademarked and will never appear in reality ever again! Using the clues in this description, we're pretty sure you can figure out what is on the front of the t-shirt - but can you figure out what is on the back? There's only way way to find out - order one! Once you receive it, the contents of the back of the shirt will be our little secret - think of it as an exclusive members-only club that your lame friends (who didn't order a t-shirt) don't have access to!

Have I mentioned that we have various sizes available? Sure, we don't have any "mediums" available, but does anyone really ever wear that size? Seems kind of like a wishy-washy size to me - like it is only for people who can't decide between "small" and "large".

How much would you pay now? $50? Sure - who wouldn't? Lucky for you, we're feeling generous (thank you, sponsors!) and are going to let these go for only $15 each!

Now I know what you're thinking, "sure each t-shirt is only $15, but how much are they going to charge for shipping and handling?" (we have ESP). You may want to sit down and backup your site before you read this next line. Shipping and handling is free (assuming you're in the United States - sorry our fellow Guamian sisters and brothers). Not only is it free, but each shirt will be hand delivered by Dries Buytaert himself (don't let his clever mailman disguise fool you!)

It is time. Put your finger on your mouse (or trackpad, tab key, touchscreen, or Lenovo thinkpad red thumb-stick thing) and do what you came here to do. Click the "Add to Cart" button - you'll be glad you did (and so will we, these things are taking up too much space in our garage!)

Parts of this description may or may not be true - much of it was written under duress.

Price: $15.00