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Michael VanDervort
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social media geek
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With two decades of HR experience at some of the top Fortune 500 and Great Place to Work employers, Michael VanDervort is best known for his unique voice and perspective on the quickly changing world of human resources, labor relations, and social media.

Michael VanDervort
Michael is currently employed as a labor relations strategist for a fortune 100 company based in Florida. He is also the President of HRH Consulting LLC, a solo consulting practice offering advice and guidance on labor relations and social media related matters.
Michael speaks frequently on human resources and business related topics, including social media, labor and employee relations, the culture of organizations, leadership and employment practices.
Michael is also a prolific writer, contributing frequently to many venues, including SmartBrief, Women of HR, Human Capital League, HR Toolbox, BlogNotions HR and HR Communicator.
Michael is a member of the Smartbrief on Workforce Advisory Board, and is a member of the SHRM Special Expertise Panel for Labor Relations.


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