Dustin Clingman - Gamification

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Zee Gee Games

The Story So Far

ZeeGee Games was founded in 2002 by Dustin Clingman and Dave Arneson as a "pen and paper" role-playing game company. The immediate success of the company led ZeeGee Games to expanded its product line into other forms of gaming. Today, ZeeGee Games has developed games and applications on such platforms as the PC, Nintendo DS, and iPhone.
Movin' On Up

ZeeGee Games has partnered with such companies as Immediate Mode Interactive, LLC (IMI Labs), Sun Microsystems, and Code Monkey Publishing. In November 2008, ZeeGee Games and IMI Labs merged while remaining ZeeGee Games, a DBA of IMI Labs. Since then, the team has grown at a tremendous rate.
Who We Are

ZeeGee Games is a group of individuals passionate about creating fun and innovative games for web, mobile, and console platforms.

What We Do

If you need a new game or to promote a concept on the web, ZeeGee can help you quickly create and deploy interactive content. From online games to interactive toys, ZeeGee can help you reach your audience and engage them with your brand.

We've created games for companies like the Oxygen Network, Abandon Entertainment, and National Lampoon. These games take the messages of the license holders and create a venue that both fans as well as people new to the brand can access. Beyond innovative and fun gameplay, ZeeGee understands the need to integrate key brand concepts into interactive content.

Our ability to understand both the business and technology of games has kept our customers happy and returning for more. 

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