Gregg Pollack and Caike Souza - Code Isn't Enough

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10:00 am - 11:00 am

This is a talk about lessons they don't teach in programming classes. It takes more then just technical skills to succeed at being a software developer. You may also need to communicate effectively, manage projects, train your clients, and mainly just play well with others. We developers are an anti-social breed who enjoy being left to our own devices, so many of these skills don't come naturally.

In this talk Gregg Pollack and Caike Souza will give some tips to help software developers improve their craft and increase the odds of succeeding at our chosen field. We'll also share some of the core principles we hold dear at Envy Labs, and show how we implement them on a daily basis. We'll be discussing a number of topics and sharing some horror stories about how we have often failed at each of them.

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